System Scheduler


Scheduling Editor

The scheduling editor is a server side utility where schedules are created, modified or deleted.  A single schedule can be easily assigned to an unlimited number of data binary type points using the friendly drag-and-drop interface.

There are three schedule objects

  1. Daily Schedule - The first schedule object to execute; becomes active at a set time on any or all of the days of the week, setting all data points with this assignment to their 'ON' state.  Displayed in Blue
  2. Global Holiday - The second schedule object to execute, renders all data points designated as schedulable to go to their binary  'OFF' state. Displayed in Red
  3. One Time Exception - The last schedule object to execute, designates an individual point to go to its binary 'ON' state at a specific time and date regardless of other schedules or global holidays. Displayed in Green

An unlimited number of schedules can be created, and a single data point can have up to 15 different schedules assigned to it.