System Alarm Designer


System Alarm Designer/Manager

In a perfect world nothing breaks.  Everything works as designed, nothing wears out.  In the real world, our world, components wear out, equipment fails, and we need to know about it.  Prompt notification when a failure or other high priority event occurs is a top consideration among building owners and facilities managers.

The OPIX Now! data point alarm configuration manager is as robust as it is flexible.  With up to 3 interlock points, multiple conditional arguments, alarm level priority assignments , separate warning  and alarm thresholds, you are certain to be notified when an alarm event occurs, and most importantly, that it is valid.  There is nothing more frustrating for maintenance personnel than responding to an alarm event only to find that the condition which caused the alarm is actually associated with a seperate but connected piece of equipment.  With the OPIX Now! Alarm tools false positives are a thing of the past.

When used with the OPIX L-Series or X-Series controllers, you will enjoy even greater alarming flexibility because the OPIX Now! Alarm tools integrate seamlessly with the built-in alarm features of those devices.  Contact us for more information regarding the OPIX Now! Framework.

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