Configurable Software Profiles


Multi-Zone Application

The L-Series Multi-Zone Application is a zone control app used in HVAC Multi-Zone applications and is compatible with the L-Series Controller

The Multi-Zone Application can control up to 4 independent zone’s with with a single controller; volume damper control, dual duct control damper, and a single heating and cooling stage. Attaches easily to the Air Handler application using the supplied OPIX Now! Net Builder tool.

Software features include:

  • Up to 4 independent zones with a single controller
  • Full PID control of the space temperature loads
  • Capacity for addition per zone heating equipment control, both analog or digital outputs
  • Capacity for addition per zone cooling equipment  control, both analog or digital outputs
  • “Smart” volume damper resets for pressure control, eliminating the need for “bypass” or “dump” dampers  in VVT applications.
  • Built in per zone Heating and Cooling priority levels
  • Built in dual duct temperature damper control
  • Separate zone temperature set points for Occupied, Standby, and Unoccupied modes
  • Loss of communications fail-safe values
  • Built in Alarming
  • High Space Temperature Alarm
  • Low Space Temperature Alarm
  • Sensor Alarms
  • Changeable network variable types.
  • Slave mode for any unused I/O, which can be bound to another controller