Building Owners


Building Owners

Building owners and facilities managers are the true beneficiciaries of the OPIX Now! Framework.  Owners enjoy greater autonomy and flexibility through our philosophy of empowerment.

No one knows your facility better than you do.  If given the tools and proper training, we believe the facilities manager/owner can be the best person to manage day-to-day operation and monitoring as well as make informed decisions regarding advanced functionality.  Our power users enjoy spending time in the system, designing graphical interfaces, and getting intimate with the interworkings of their building.  Many of the advanced features of OPIX Now! Framework came about as a direct result of end-user feedback.  With no programming skills required for most operations, you will find the system easy to learn and use.  Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of being a power user of the OPIX Now! Framework.

Some reasons our customer choose OPIX Now!

  • Cost
    • The OPIX Now! Framework is an extremely cost-effective solution in any apples-to-apples comparison with the competition
    • The savings become even more apparent when considering our licensing model and the impact it has on overall cost-of-ownership
    • Licensing is per data point and each licensed point includes scheduling, alarming, trending, and page display
      (When using OPIX L-Series controllers, page display of data point is free and does not require any license at all!)
  • Features
  • Flexibility/Scalability
    • The OPIX Now! Framework is easy to learn, easy to use and highly customizable
    • The OPIX Now! Framework Enterprise Engine (inluded with all installations) can be scaled to integrate multiple floors of a building, multiple buildings, or multiple sites or campuses for easy trending and analytics data gathering
  • Interoperability
    • The OPIX Now! Framework is based on open, non proprietary technologies and so can consume system resources or be consumed by other technologies or both simultaneously