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Programmable Controllers

The X Series devices are microprocessor based Input/Output controllers designed to control, optimize and improve the energy efficiency of a wide variety of equipment types. When used with the cX Network Application Server/Router, all controller I/O are fully programmable with the OPIX Now! Portal Application. The no-cost programming tools are available to registered users.

The X Series uses the FTTP-Bus fully isolated transceiver for best in its class networking over twisted pair media. FTTP-Bus networks are polarity and topology free. The network utilizes open standard BACnet/IP protocol and is encrypted using FIPS grade algorithms.

The X Series features fast response times suitable for lighting, building and lite industrial automation. Up to 60 X Series controllers can be connected to each FTTP-Bus sub network, automatically recognized by the programmable host (cX Application Server) and made available automatically for simple graphical programming.

There are no limits to program length or complexity other than the underlying physical hardware memory.

Available Models:

  • XO-1 - Programmable Output Device
    • 8 x Digital Triac Rated at 1A @ 24VAC (Externally Powered)
    • 8 x Analog Outputs 20mA Max
      • 0 or 10VDC Binary or...
      • 0-10VDC Adjustable, Linear
  • XO-2 - Programmable Output Device
    • 16 x SSR solid state relay rated at 120mA @ 60V AC or DC max, externally powered
  • XO-3 - Programmable Output  Device (Multi-Channel LED
    • 6 x Analog Outputs
      • Constant current analog outputs 1.5A DC max. Each output is protected by a 4A blow fuse. Fuses are soldered to the board.
  • XI-1 - Programmable Input Device
    • 16 x Universal Inputs
    • Resistive  Thermistor 10KΩ Type II and Type III (Type II is recommended)
    • Potentiometer with custom scaling
    • Dry contact
    • Voltage
    • 0-10V DC
    • Current
    • 0-20mA DC