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OPIX Now! Compose

The OPIX Now! Compose Application is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to quickly and easily develop custom programming for the X-Series and L-Series Controllers.

In the OPIX Now!Compose application, Server-Side Qubits are the building blocks used to create your program. Qubits are dropped onto the canvas, configured, and connected to one another to create device applications.  Data from Physical and network I/O of individual devices registeered in the Underlying OPIX now! Framework! Database can be accessed through Compose.  It does not make any difference through which protocol the device is communicating.  Once the device is registered in the database, all of it's network variables can be virtuallized, accessed, and manipulated across all the supported networks.  The architecture of this set of tools, a truly remarkable innovation, renders concern of the network protocol virtually obsolete.  Please contact us for more information,