What We Do


What We Do

The OPIXNow!™ Framework (Open Protocol Integrated eXchange)  is comprised of a suite of inter related software and hardware components designed to make the previously monumental task of deploying a sophisticated building automation solution simple and efficient.

We at OPIX Systems distribute the OPIX Now! solution via a global network of System Integrators and a select group of National/International Accounts. We are a US-based company that proudly provides truly "Made in America" products.

OPIX Systems, LLC is a group of highly knowledgeable people who have been in almost every aspect of building automation, integration, facility management, energy management, hardware & software development with each Managing Partner having a minimum of 25 plus years of experience. We take a unique approach to the marketplace in that we deplore the "over the counter" sales approach and embrace the shared knowledge and practical application partnering approach. We believe in maximizing the use of "Industry Standard" products and applications and bestowing as much of our knowledge upon our customers as they are willing to absorb. An informed customer can make better lasting decisions that substantially improve their objectives and bottom line.

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