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OPIX Now!™ Framework

The OPIX Now!™ Framework is your gateway to unprecendented ease-of-control over your building controls network.

Regardless of which standard protocols through which your devices are communicating (LonWorks, BacnetIP, ModBus, etc.) the OPIX Now!™ Framework will seamlessly standardize and integrate the data.  The OPIX Now!™ Framework is your Human-Machine Interface (HMI) hub, Enterprise Architecture Node, Design Platform, Analytics Engine, and so much more.


OPIX Now! Display is the core front-end HMI platform from which all other technologies are launched or accessed.  The graphical interface is 100% customizable and can be themed according to the client's requirements.

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With Microsoft's SQL Server Database Engine at it's core providing stability and security, theOPIX Now Framework seamlessly integrates with a wide range of standard communication protocols including

  • BacNetIP
  • LonWorks
  • ModBus
  • Solidyne
  • OPC
  • Web Services (JSON,SOAP)
  • Others

Scheduling Editor

The scheduling editor is a server side utility where schedules are created, modified or deleted.  A single schedule can be easily assigned to an unlimited number of data binary type points using the friendly drag-and-drop interface.

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System Alarm Designer

In a perfect world nothing breaks.  Everything works as designed, nothing wears out.  In the real world, our world, components wear out, equipment fails, and we need to know about it.  Prompt notification when a failure or other high priority event occurs is a top consideration among building owners and facilities managers.

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Trend Management

Ultimately, the objective of a building automation system is to obtain the highest level of efficiency from each system being controlled.  But how do we know whether we have accomplished this goal?  How can we be sure that the equipment is operating at peak efficiency?  We need data.

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OPIX Analytics

OPIX Analytics is a data presentation and analysis software that simplifies energy utilization, system operation and pattern studies.

Typical questions that it can help answer include:

  • Show building’s energy consumption vs. OSA temperature in bands of 10°F
  • What was the kW consumption during occupied hours, but only when OSA T was over 75°F, all AHUs were ON and out of economizer. Display the data sorted by 10° OSA T bands.

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User Management

The OPIX Now! Framework supports a virtually unlimited number of users, individually tailored navigation schemas, and themes.  Users are assigned specific permissions to control functionality, access, and alarm notification.

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Enterprise Scalability

The OPIX Now! Enterprise features allow the end-user to manage muliple buildings and/or multiple sites from a single interface, and are generally deployed large scale facilities such as school districts, hospital networks, hotel chains, and government entities.Read More

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