Protocol Integration


Protocol Integration

An important consideration that building owners and facilities must realize is how are the different devices on their network going to communicate with each other?  There is no single hardware/software vendor that can provide every solution to every problem.  Even if they could, is it really in the best interest of the owner to be tied to only one vendor?  Freedom of choice is what drives competition, inspires vendors to innovate, and keeps costs in check.  In addition to there being multiple vendors, there are also multiple protocols.  A protocol refers to data transmission, and if two devices are communicating with different protocols, then there are going to be problems. 

For a relatable example, let's assume you want to email an image to someone who only communicates using a telegraph.  There are no means by which this can be made possible.  Now let's look at a modern building, let's assume you gave a fire, life, safety system communicating in Modbus and an air handler controller communicating with Bacnet.  The owner wants the air handler to shut down in the event of a fire, but Modbus and Bacnet are different protocols.  The OPIX Now! Protocol Integration tool is the simple and easy answer

The OPIX Now! framework works by virtualizing and centralizing all data across the network.  The individual devices communicate with the database while individual drivers perform all data collection and submission automatically in real time.  Here are some of the protocols the OPIX Now! Framework can integrate:

  • LonWorks
  • BacnetIP
  • Modbus
  • Solidyne
  • OPC
  • Other structured TCP/IP Data and Web Services

Contact us today to learn more about how OPIX can seamlessly integrate your non-communicating protocols and help you design a robust and sophisticatd solution.