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Remote Driver LED Lighting Control Featured

SIGMASMART IOT is an automation device capable of driving up to 12 LED circuits, up to 10 hard-wired sensors/switches, and up to 15 EnOcean sensors/switches.

A revolutionary product (see brochure here) that will change how modern lighting solutions are deployed.  We have taken into consideration the undeniable health benefits a properly calibrated circadian rythm and the need of building owners and facilities managers to enjoy wide reaching flexibility.  The SigmaSmart Multi-Channel Programmable LED Driver is the only option available to design engineers and architects that meets all of the criteria.  It is a cost-effective solution, easy to install, easy to maintain, safe and adheres to widely accepted strategies regarding resiliency.


  • Wired network connectivity includes BACnet/IP over twisted pair wire
  • FIPS grade AES 256 encryption assures system security
    • Encryption can be turned off in case of a requirement to integrate with other BACnet/IP system vendors that don’t support encryption.
  • Wireless port includes connectivity with EnOcean standard devices, sensors and switches.
    • EnOcean sensors require no battery or power lines eliminating maintenance and drastically reducing cost of installation.
  • Integrated watt meter reports energy usage including Amps, Volts, Watts, Watt-Hours.
  • 12 independent LED driver channels can be grouped for scheduling purposes, sensor and switch assignments. Dimming, motion sensors, light level sensors and scheduling are standard.
  • 10 Universal wired inputs can be used to integrate a wide range of swiches, dimmers and sensors common to the building automation industry
  • Integrates seamlessly and natively with all OPIX Now! devices and platforms
  • SIGMASMART IOT complies with Title-24.
  • Easy integration of color-tuning by grouping multiple channels of the SIGMASMART IOT driver.