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OPIX Analytics

OPIX Analytics is a data presentation and analysis software that simplifies energy utilization, system operation and pattern studies.

Typical questions that it can help answer include:

  • Show building’s energy consumption vs. OSA temperature in bands of 10°F
  • What was the kW consumption during occupied hours, but only when OSA T was over 75°F, all AHUs were ON and out of economizer. Display the data sorted by 10° OSA T bands.

There is no limit in the number of filters to discard data that is not of interest. Resulting reports can be exported as CSV file for archival or import to Excel, etc.

  • Filter data on any desired dates, days, times, & conditions
  • Standardized data supports performance evaluation over time
  • Works with any type of trended data, including accumulated values (i.e. - KWH meters)
  • Aggregate data from any compatible points (i.e. - KWH of all the buildings on a campus)
  • Save custom report configurations, so you can regenerate them anytime
  • Automatically email PDF copies to anyone

Configured Report: 7 Building KWH consumption aggregated into 3 groups (3, 2, & 2 building groups). Graph view:

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