Configurable Software Profiles


Terminal Unit (VAV) Application

This Application is compatible with the L-Series Hardware. 

This application is suitable for controlling Variable Air Volume (”VAV”), Constant Air Volume (”CAV”) and Variable Volume Temperature (”VVT”) equipment. Applications including fan powered boxes and boxes with local reheat, cooling or humidity control.  When paired with Q1-AHU controllers, units have expanded capabilities for enhanced set point resets, occupancy commands, CO2 and humidity controls.

Software features include:

  • Single or Multiple Zone temperature sensors, with the capacity to act upon maximum, minimum, or average temperature.
  • Full PID control of up to 4 Independent stages of cooling and Heating, both digital and analog or a mixture of both
  • Full PID control of air flow damper actuator. Both   analog(0/2-10 vdc) or floating point actuators        supported
  • Bi-directional pressure sensor with software based inverting.
  • “Smart” volume damper resets for pressure control, eliminating the need for “bypass” or “dump” dampers  in VVT applications.
  • Built in Heating and Cooling priority levels
  • Built in Optimum Start Capability
  • Built in CO2 Control
  • Built in Space Humidity Control
  • Built in Energy Shedding Control
  • Built in Alarming
  • Actuator Position Alarms
  • Air Flow Alarms
  • Sensor Alarms
  • Temperature Control Alarms
  • Humidity Control Alarms
  • CO2 Alarms
  • Many more
  • Changeable network variable types.
  • Slave mode for any unused I/O, which can be bound to another controller.