Configurable Controllers


Configurable Controllers

One Device... So Many Possibilities

The L-Series controller represents a fundamental shift in building controls philosphy.  Long gone are the days where only an "expert" dared to attempt sophisticated control strategies.  While the rest of the technological world moved on to desktop pubishing, mobile apps and even 3D design, the world of building automation controls seemed stuck with cumbersome tools that were bloated, unintuitive and difficult to learn.

The L-Series Controllers are microprocessor based configurable and programmable controllers designed to control, optimize and improve energy efficiency for a wide range of commercial and industrial equipment as well as lighting applications.  All controller features are adjustable with our no cost OPIX Now™ application development program.

Each L-Series Controller uses the FT-10 transceiver for best-in-class networking over twisted pair. FT-10 networks are polarity and topology free. The network utilizes open standard LonTalk and BACnet/IP protocols for interoperability and ease of data exchange. 

The L-Series Controller features 10 PID loops that are either used by software applications, or when available, are exposed as generic PID for free use with spare I/O.

All L-Series Controllers support a wide variety of sensors including thermistors Type II (recommended), Type III, and custom thermistor arrays. 4-20mA sensors are powered with on-board 20VDC output. All sensors signal types are software configurable.


Model  Resistive Inputs Universal Inputs Digital Outputs Analog Outputs Diff Press Sensor
L-2020 2 0 2 0 No
L-2020-DP 2 0 2 0 Yes
L-2240 2 2 4 0 No
L-2020-DP 2 2 4 0 Yes
L-2452 2 4 5 2 No
L-2452-DP 2 4 5 2 Yes
L-21084 2 10 8 4 No
L-21084-DP 2 10 8 4 Yes

I/O can be readily configured for:

  • AHU - Air Handling Units
  • MZN - Multi-Zone AHU
  • CHW - Chillers, Cooling Towers
  • HHW -Boilers
  • PMP - Pumps
  • EF - Exhaust Fans
  • FCU - Fan Coil Units
  • HPU - Heat Pump Units
  • RTU - Roof Top Units
  • VAV - VAV and VVT Terminal Equipment
  • NRG - Energy Shedding Manager
  • BTU -Energy (BTU) Calculator
  • IRR -Irrigation
  • STG - General Staging
  • CMP - Air Compressor
  • CMPZN - Compressed Air Zones—Point of use
  • LTG - Lighting
  • PRG - Programmable
  • GEN - Generic I/O